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I usually don’t post about a Cumulative Update being released but this time I went over the list of fixes and noted some as being interesting to keep in mind.  So this post is more a "reminder to self" note than anything else.

Since a couple of weeks, CU7 for SQL Server 2008 SP1 is available for request on this Microsoft Support page.

Here’s the list of fixes that caught my attention:

978839 ( )
FIX: A backup operation on a SQL Server 2008 database fails if you enable change tracking on this database

979777 ( )
FIX: You experience some problems when you perform a grouping members operation on an Excel pivot table whose data source is an SSAS 2005 cube

976412 ( )
FIX: An MDX query resets to a blank query when you click the Data tab in Business Intelligence Development Studio 2005 Report Designer

978930 ( )
A parameter value is replaced by its default value when the parameter is hidden and in a snapshot report in SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

979379 ( )
FIX: Charts that are in a tablix of an SSRS 2008 report display incorrect data

979496 ( )
FIX: Log entries are missing for the OnPreExecute event and the OnPostExecute event in SQL Server 2008 Integration Services

980925 ( )
The result of a MDX query to query a calculated member on a attribute hierarchy lose the formatting you define on the calculated member in SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services

980949 ( )
FIX: Header rows of a tablix do not always appear at the top of pages in an SSRS 2008 report

That’s it, have fun!


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