The posts on my blog are not always your typical blog post.  Sometimes I consider them to be called “article”, other times I post a script to achieve a specific task.  This page is meant to hold a reference and short description to all scripts I ever posted.

Recursively Delete SSIS Folder (2010/02/28)

The script in this post contains a stored procedure which can be used to delete all SSIS packages and folders in a parameterized folder in the MSDB.  It builds further on the “List All SSIS Packages Deployed On Your Integration Server” script.

To achieve the task, dynamic SQL, table variables and some system tables and undocumented stored procedures are being used.

List All SSIS Packages Deployed On Your Integration Server (2010/01/10)

If you’ve ever wanted to list all the SSIS packages deployed to your Integration Services server’s MSDB DB, then here’s the script you’ve been looking for.

It also demonstrates how a recursive CTE (Common Table Expression) can be used to build a parent-child dataset.

Script: Find All Empty Columns In Database (2009/02/15)

Finds all empty columns in you whole database.  Very useful when you’ve got hundreds of tables and you want to find out what columns are possibly not being used at all.