Silly SQL #1: The Movie! [SSIS]

About two months ago I was contacted by Nat Dunn, founder of Webucator – a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions.  He wanted to know if I’d be okay with them creating a video with content based on one of my blog posts.  This video would be part of a new SQL Server Solutions from the Web course.  Who am I to refuse such a kind request?

The blog post which has been filmed is the one in which I show beginners the very useful Match Items by Matching Names functionality in SSIS: Silly SQL #1: OLE DB Destination [SSIS].

Interested in watching the movie?  Check it out at Youtube:

Silly SQL #1 OLE DB Destination SSIS











Please note that the situation explained in the movie is something which you’ll only run into when making changes to existing packages.  This would be the case when requirements have changes and you need to add additional columns, or when you’re working with template packages.

Liked the movie?  Have a look at what else Webucator has got to offer in terms of SQL Training!

Have fun!




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