Community Day 2013: Data Visualization Tips & Tricks

In case you’ve never heard of Community Day, despite that it’s the largest Belgian community event of the year, it’s an event in which several user groups join forces to provide a nice learning experience to the attendees.

The participating user groups this year are VISUG, AZUG, Belgian C++ user group, BIWUG, CLUG, Pro-Exchange, SCUG, SQLUG,, WinTalks, DotNetHub, MADN, TechNine, IAMCT and PHP Benelux.

And guess what: I’m a speaker! My colleague Koen Verbeeck and myself have once more decided to share a presenting slot that day.  And we’ll be sharing some Data Visualization Tips & Tricks with you!

Koen will be talking about how to best visualize data: should I use a pie chart or would a bar chart provide a more interesting result, is it really a good idea to use red and green, that kind of stuff.

When he’s finished I’ll be taking over to show you some cool things you can do with SQL Server Reporting Services.  Yes, that’s lots of demos and practically no slides!  Cool?

The expected level is 300.  Don’t worry though, we know that the Community Day crowd consists mainly of developers so we’ll be taking that into account.

Ow, and I’m accepting topic suggestions! If you’ve been wondering about how to get something visualized but never got it to work, don’t hesitate to contact me by either posting a comment here or through email (found on my About page).  Provide a clear description of what you’d like to achieve, with a mock-up example if needed.  I’ll be selecting the most interesting proposals to fill some minutes with. Looking forward to some useful suggestions! Smile

More details about Community Day:

  • Utopolis Mechelen, Spuibeekstraat 5, 2800 Mechelen
  • June 20th 2013, 0830 – 1900
  • Twitter: @ComDayBe
  • Five tracks!

What are you waiting for? Register now before all seats are taken!

See you there and in the meantime: have fun!



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