How To Tweet About SQL Server Blog Posts

Ever since I started using @ValentinoV on Twitter a bit more actively, which is now more than a year ago, I have also been exploring different methods of announcing my new blog posts to the world.  One of the methods I use is sending out a couple of tweets to my followers.  So far I had been adding the prefix [Blog] as a standardized way of working and I also add relevant hashtags, such as #SSRS when the post is about Reporting Services.

Here’s an example:

Tweet using the [Blog] prefix

Then Jamie Thomson, aka SSIS Junkie, made me aware of a blog post he had posted earlier this week.

The power of Twitter: being able to quickly contact someone without the need of email

And in that post, he introduced an interesting alternative to what I (and a lot of other SQL Server bloggers) was doing!  Instead of using that [Blog] prefix it’s better to use a hashtag!  Why is that better?  Well, because searches and filters on hashtags work better than searches on just plain text. In fact, he proposes several hashtags.  Have a look at his post for the details: Bootstrapping SQL Server bloggers and blog readers with Twitter!

And here’s my earlier tweet reworked as per Jamie’s proposed standards:

Tweet using Jamie Thomson standards

However, the #blogged hashtag is not the one I will be using.  Several other bloggers commented on his post that they’re more in favor of the concatenation of #blogged and #sqlserver into #sqlblog.  I like that proposal because it’s closer to my earlier prefix and it uses less characters.  Given the nature of Twitter, if we can deliver the same message using less characters then that would be the preferred method, right? So that’s the one I will be using from now on!

I’ll even demonstrate it by updating this post once I’ve tweeted about it.  Yeah, a recursive blog post!

Tweet to demonstrate usage of the adapted standard

Have fun, and spread the word!



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