Garmin Edge 705 Auto Pause

Here’s a quick one about yet one more annoying default setting.  When I go mountain biking I’m using a Garmin Edge 705 to record my statistics.  After every trip I upload my track to Garmin Connect.  One of my favorite statistics there was Average Moving Speed.  I typed “was” on purpose.  It’s no longer there!

Apparently they removed it because the community was confused about it, hmm.  Now how can I get that back?

This device is a GPS, so technically it’s able to detect if you’re moving and how fast.  It can also stop/start recording automatically.  And here it comes: by default it doesn’t do that!

Now, to activate the auto pause, it would seem logical that you’d need to change a setting in the Settings menu, right?  Well, wrong!  The setting is located in the Training menu!  Inside that menu, you need Auto Pause/Lap and there you’ve got the Auto Timer Pause setting which you can change to Off to When Stopped or Custom Speed.

Tomorrow I’ll try my first track with Custom Speed set to 4 km/h!  This way I hope I avoid that it records while stopped for refueling (read: sports drink and cookies, fruit, not gas or electricity).

Need more info?  Try this video then:

Edge 705 Auto Pause–Auto Lap

Have fun!




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