Changing Parameter Order In An SSRS Report

This week I was asked twice, by two different (luckily) colleagues, if I knew how to change the order of the parameters in a report in SQL Server Reporting Services.  I still remember that the first time when I needed this after my upgrade to 2008, I also spent some time looking for it.  Apparently it’s still hard to find so I’ve now decided to write a quick post about it.  I promise you, once you know it you’ll say “how silly”.

The following screenshot should say it all:

Use the arrows in the Report Data pane to move parameters up or down

That’s right, those two small arrow buttons in the Report Data pane can be used to move the parameters up or down.  They may be difficult to spot but once you’ve found them you’ll never forget.  Why are they difficult to spot?

Move Up/Down buttons greyed out

For several reasons:

  • they are greyed out when no parameter is selected
  • they may not be visible when your Report Data pane is too small

How silly huh?

Have fun!



How to: Change the Order of a Report Parameter (Reporting Services)


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  1. bi’s avatar

    I spent on this about 15 minutes then found your blog :) thx


  2. sue’s avatar

    As they say – a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. I too spent several minutes looking for this before stumbling upon your blog – THANKS!!! :-)


    1. Valentino Vranken’s avatar

      So true indeed! Glad it helped you out :-)


  3. Stephen Pattenden’s avatar

    Great information, thanks Valentino.

    On top of this, would you know how to change the sorting order of the items listed in the parameters?

    I have a parameter which lists dates (as date values) and I cannot find a way to reverse the current default sort order of ascending to the required descending…?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated – I hope it is something as simple as this one!

    Thanks a lot


    1. Valentino Vranken’s avatar

      Hi Stephen,

      The list of values shown in your parameter is probably based on a dataset. You should be able change the sorting order by adding an ORDER BY clause on the query in the dataset.



  4. Anuja’s avatar

    I spent lot of time figuring that out but could not. Finally found out here ..Thanks for this post..


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