I Need Your Help

Dear reader,

Usually I’m helping you out by posting articles, quick tips or just some narration of my experience on my blog.  This time however I’m the one who needs your help.

I’m happy to announce that one of my articles – Your First OLAP Report, republished at SQLServerPedia – has been nominated in the 2010 SQLServerPedia Awards!

So, may I kindly ask you to vote for my article?  You can find it in the Business Intelligence category here: http://pulse.sqlserverpedia.com/awards/category/business-intelligence/

As you can see, I’ve got quite some competition so I can really use all the votes.

Many thanks!!

PS: I’ll reward you by continuing to post articles and other posts on my blog ;-)

As usual, have fun!



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  1. Jason Thomas’s avatar

    Congrats! you have won it! :)


    1. Valentino Vranken’s avatar

      I indeed have! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the guys for the celebration drink at the PASS conf, Seattle is a bit too far away from here in rainy Belgium. But at least I’ll be receiving a statue via mail. And I have received a new logo for my blog!

      Thanks btw :-)


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