12 + 12 = 24

For the second time this year, the SQL PASS folks are organizing another 24 Hours of PASS, a 24-hour free virtual training event.  Each session takes one hour, so there are 24 presentations in total.  Instead of putting them right after each other, this time they’ve decided to split the event in half: 12 hours on the first day and another 12 hours on the second.



Wednesday, September 15th and Thursday, September 16th.  Each day the sessions start at 1200 GMT, so for us Belgians we need to add two hours for our local time.

Is it an interesting idea to split the event in two?  During the day I have to work, so I usually enroll for some sessions during the evening, starting earliest at 1800 and ending around midnight.  Looking at the schedule for the Fall event, it means that I’ll be able to attend sessions during two evenings instead of one.  Except, Wednesday evening I go swimming with our oldest daughter.  Ah well, better luck next time.

So, what are you waiting for?  Register here, it’s free and it’s interesting!  (Well, it’s probably not interesting for everyone on this planet, but it should be interesting to you – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my blog either :-) )

If you require more info: check out the agenda!

Have fun!



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