Report Builder 2.0: Cannot switch data source

I came across an issue when playing around with Report Builder 2.0.  I had created a report using an embedded data source.  Once I’d published the report to the report server, I couldn’t get it to run anymore.  Instead it gave me the following error:

This report cannot be run in report builder because it contains one or more embedded data sources with credential options that are not supported.  Instead of embedded data sources use shared data sources or save and view the report on the server.

Okay, no problem I thought, let’s just create a shared data source and switch to that one then.  So I opened up the Data Source Properties in Report Builder and selected the Use a shared connection or report model radio button.

Unfortunately, when running the report it threw me that same error?!  And when I open the Data Source properties again, my change was undone!  It was still using the embedded data source.

As far as I’m concerned that should be a bug.

The only way that I could switch my data source to a shared connection was by creating a new data source, which means you also need to move all datasets connected to the original data source.

Quick tip: if you first rename the original data source and datasets to something like srcMyDataset_OLD, you can give the correct name to the new one straightaway.

So I guess that’s another workaround on my list :-)

This issue was encountered while using Report Builder 2.0 (10.0.2531.0).  I tried to reproduce it using Report Builder 3.0 (10.50.1092.20 – that’s the version of the SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP) and I couldn’t.  Which means it has been fixed.  Good on you Microsoft!


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  1. Samantha’s avatar

    Wow, what a hassle


  2. ac’s avatar

    I ran into the same issue – dropped the node http://foo/bar from the RDL file and things came good.


  3. ac’s avatar

    Sorry, previous comment stripped tags, node is rd:ReportServerUrl



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