Free Event: 24 Hours of PASS

If you don’t have anything planned on next September 2 and you’re interested in some free SQL Server-related learning: it’s the 24 Hours of PASS!


You can even stay in your lazy chair at home because it’s an online event, no worrying about bus/train/plane/hotel/…  Just install the software (or browser plug-in, I actually don’t know because I haven’t performed the preparation procedure yet) and off you go.

I have registered for the following 5 sessions myself:

  • Session 10 (Dev) – Working with Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008 (Greg Low)
  • Session 11 (DBA) – Effective Indexing (Gail Shaw)
  • Session 12 (BI) – Reporting Services Inside Out the Things You Should Know (Simon Sabin)
  • Session 13 (Dev) – Query Performance Tuning 101 (Grant Fritchey)
  • Session 16 (DBA) – Database Compatibility Settings: What They Really Do .. and Don’t Do (Don Vilen)

Yep, it will be a busy holiday.  That same day they’ll be delivering our new combi oven, ideally that would be right after session 13 ends.  Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing you September 2?  Or well, maybe not as it’s an online event…

Happy learning!


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