BUG: Foreach Loop Container

If you’re using Integration Services 2008 and the Foreach Loop Container in the Control Flow, you’ll very likely encounter this bug.

The Foreach Loop has several enumerators available.  By default it selects the Foreach File Enumerator.  However, as the screenshot below shows, there’s no way to configure it – the Enumerator configuration group just shows blank space.

Foreach Loop Editor with empty Enumerator configuration

This phenomenon is caused by a bug which has been reported on Microsoft Connect.  The workaround, if you really need the File Enumerator, is to select another enumerator first and then switch back to the File Enumerator.  You’ll notice that the regular controls show up and on you go, define that folder name!


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  1. co coe’s avatar

    I got shocked when I saw blank in Enumerator configuration.
    Your post save me from this. Thanks for the useful post.


  2. Marie’s avatar

    Thank you! Dank U! Merci! :)
    The blank space was indeed something that didn’t seem to be normal :)


    1. Valentino Vranken’s avatar

      Merci Marie! :)

      According to the comments on the MS Connect page this is fixed in SQL Server 2008 R2. I have to confirm that because indeed, I never encountered the issue in that version. So perhaps it’s time to have a talk with the management about upgrading that SQL installation :)

      Bon weekend!


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