I lost my rope!

Like all tech guys (and girls) I like gadgets.  One of them is the PowerBall.  A crucial part in using the gadget is the little red rope.  And a while ago I lost it.  Apparently one of the main reasons that the little red rope disappears is when a cat uses it as its lunch/dinner/whatever-time-of-day meal.  That was not the case here as our cat lives outside (I’m allergic).  No, I think our vacuum cleaner ate it.

I am not one of those who can start the PowerBall just by using my hands – believe me, I tried but I guess my fingers are just not long enough – so I went on the web to search for a replacement.  And I found it!  Right on the website of The Powerball People!

After submitting my loss through their website here, I got a prompt reply from Philip Macbain to confirm what is written on the rubber grip band of my PowerBall.  This was last week Wednesday.  I replied back in the evening.  On Friday I received a confirmation that a spare part shipment had been dispatched containing 1x – Neon Pro – Starting Cords.  And today I received an envelope containing 2 little red ropes, posted in Ireland!  This is even an extra rope because my original purchase from some years ago now only contained one rope!

I would hereby like to thank The PowerBall People for their outstanding customer service!  Hoping to own a metallic ball some day in the future :-)

So if you’ve lost your rope(s) as well, contact The PowerBall People!

Disclaimer: no I am not sponsored in any way by The PowerBall People.  I just want everyone to know that – even in these times of difficult economic situations – there are still companies who take customer satisfaction highly!



  1. dim’s avatar

    Well here is another satisfied RPM Sports customer. Philip has also helped me a lot. I even got free replacement parts for my powerball!


  2. Richard’s avatar

    Brilliant customer service. I emailed sunday evening about a broken counter, and got an email monday morning from philip saying they’ll post a new one out as soon as i send back the broken one!


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