Right.  10.0.2531.0.  That’s the version number that my SELECT @@VERSION statement is reporting when executed on my SQL Server 2008.  How come?  Well, I installed Service Pack 1.

In other words, SP1 for SQL Server 2008 is out and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center!

Besides fixing several bugs there are some new features to the installation package itself:

  • Slipstream
    You can now integrate the base installation together with service packs or with hotfixes. Therefore, you can install in a single step.
  • Service pack removal
    You can now uninstall only the service pack without uninstalling the whole instance.
  • ClickOnce capability
    You can now deploy Report Builder 2.0 by using the ClickOnce deployment technology.

I especially like the slipstream feature.  This should wipe out a problem which I encountered with 2005.  Some time ago I got a machine that had SQL Server 2005 installed, including SP2.  However, the Management Studio was not installed.  Ever tried getting it installed in such a scenario?  The install DVD complains that there’s already a newer version on the machine and refuses to install SSMS.  So I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling everything.  This problem should now be avoidable, or at least, that’s what I hope.  I haven’t actually tried it out but that’s how I understand slipstream.

Together with SQL Server, the Express Edition of 2008 has also gotten an update to SP1.  And the same goes for the SQL Server 2008 Feature Pack which is now dated April 2009.

Other updated downloads include Report Builder 2.0, Data Mining add-ins for Office, Reporting Services add-in for SharePoint and the Upgrade Advisor.

Update: the BOL have gotten their update as well.  Now available for download: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Books Online (May 2009).


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