SSIS 2005 from SSMS 2008? No.

Having trouble connecting to your 2005 Integration Services using Management Studio 2008?  Even when you only have SQL Server Integration Services running, and not version 10.0?

Integration Services

To make it even better, have you noticed that SQL Server Integration Services 10.0 will start up when you connect to it from SSMS 2008?

Well, that’s by design.  SSMS 2008 can only connect to SSIS 2008.  And SSMS 2005 can only connect to SSIS 2005.  So don’t go uninstalling the 2005 Management Studio to save some space if you use Integration Services 2005!

There’s some (limited) info on Microsoft Connect and on SQL Server Central.

Update: when trying to use SSMS 2008 to connect to SSRS 2005, an error coming from the Report Server WMI provider will show up complaining about a couple of invalid namespaces (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient and System.Management).  It has been reported as a bug on Microsoft Connect.  Microsoft’s feedback is that the issue is caused by a breaking change in the WMI namespace and that it won’t be fixed.

So there you go, neither Reporting Services nor Integration Services 2005 can be connected to using Management Studio 2008.


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    That’s just what I needed to know. Thanks for putting up this post.



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