Experts Exchange: earned my first shirt

Some months ago I decided to start helping people on Experts Exchange by subscribing myself as an Expert and answering questions when I have some spare time.  I have several motives for this, such as:

  • it helps me to think about technology
  • it’s interesting to read other people’s opinion on a topic of interest
  • I like looking for a solution to a specific problem, to learn and at the same time help someone else
  • it gives a good idea of what technology other people are working with nowadays
  • Free shirts!

Subscribing as an Expert is free and gives you a Limited Member account.

Answering questions gives you Expert Points.  The maximum amount of Expert Points that one can score on a question is 2,000.

Earning a total of 10,000 Expert Points and maintaining a monthly score of 3,000 Expert Points gives you access to Premium Services, for free.  Your account status gets upgraded from Limited Member to Qualified Expert.  One of the interesting parts of Premium Services is that you get Unlimited Question Points (i.e. the points that you need to ask a question yourself).

Expert Points are scored in the zone where the question was asked (max. 3 zones per question).  My focus is currently on all SQL Server related zones.  The first rank that can be earned is Master and you can get it by scoring 50,000 Expert Points in a zone.

About a week ago I earned my first rank, Master in MS SQL Server.

Profile of ValentinoV on Experts Exchange

Currently I have scored a total of 66,604 Expert Points and I have gained these by answering 53 questions.

Answer History

As the screenshot above shows, on Experts Exchange I am known as ValentinoV.  See my profile for up-to-date info.

Gaining a rank gives you the ability to generate an email signature:

Email Signature

Another feature is to generate a certificate with your ranks:


Clicking the Create Certificate button will generate a PDF file such as this one.

And finally, you get a free shirt which specifies your rank on the sleeve.  Looking forward to receiving it.

Free shirt

As you see, it earns to be an Expert. :-)


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